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Born in the Sunny South East, Waterford City!

I'm a self taught artist. Ever since I was a child, I loved drawing. Painting came later! Once I learned the basics of painting. I became hooked! I've been practicing, constantly improving and continually learning, ever since. Lately, I've taught myself how to use 'the oils' and I'm absolutely loving it!

About My Art:
My art really revolves around realism, surrealism and fantasy art. My main aim is the crossing over of realism into surrealism and fantasy. I also use a lot of symbolism in my work. I like to make a statement with my art, by making people think!


I'm a self taught artist, I have a degree in Biology and teach in a high-school. My paintings tend to be more like illustrations, as the subject prevails over the methods of painting. Ideas for new paintings usually come to me easily, when I'm quietly following my flow of thoughts. That's the old surrealist recipe. I don't like to paint quid pro quos (objects that transform into something else). The objects and scenes may be absurd or comic, or surreal, but they should also be detailed, like dreams are.
I have exhibited in Portugal, Holland, USA and the UK. In May 2009 I was featured in the Russian Esquire magazine.
For more information see my blog: www.pintur-as.blogspot.com


Akira Beard lives and works in San Francisco as an art instructor at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, as well as with the non-profit group Art With Elders. His personal work can be seen in various galleries and venues throughout the bay Area, and is represented by White Walls/ Shooting Gallery SF. The main theme of Akira’s art is a visual interpretation and expression of the various thoughts and feelings that is the result of simply existing, as well as having empathy with others that live within the same everyday world.


I was born in 1984, somewhere in the clouds, and since then I have always lived here and somewhere else at the same time. I have always looked at the world in a dreamy way.

One fine day, I packed my bags, tossed my light cameras inside and set out to draw my imaginary land.

Forever following the brightest road, I like to catch inspiration in mid-flight: birds, wandering clouds, melodies in the sky and airy fields. I love details raining in the sun, floating, drifting colours and bright red petals. And people. People fly through my photos in a blue whirl, like a carousel; they are playing and so am I.

This is my favourite game: blending dreams into life. I open windows, and I walk across the rooftops at night and during the day. I discover new places, trains and landscapes that parade in front of me, full of colourful surprises and joyful, beautiful accidents, wavering reeds and simple things.

I love the sea and its big waves. I love the air and I live for changes.


Nikita Gavrilovs was born in Stavropol, Russia in 1990 and since 1992 has been living in Daugavpils, Latvia. From being a hobby, photography has become a real passion. Now my whole life is like a long, long photo session, where models are old buildings, my friends or sunset from my window.


Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist and historian, living and working in Dublin , he is a member of the Associazione Illustratori and the author of nerosunero. In Rome, at the end of the Seventies, he worked as an humorist in the last year of IL Male and then for Zut, Italian satirical magazines. He moved to Dublin in the late 80s where he studied Medieval History and in 1995 he was awarded a PhD by Trinity College Dublin. His illustrations and cartoons, satirical in humor and minimalist in style have been published on international exhibition catalogues ( Offf Barcelona 07, Semi permanent Sidney 2008, Ink 01 International Illustration Rally 08, Bilbao); magazines (The Dubliner/Dublin, Clam Magazine, Paris - New York, Ideafixa/Brazil, Fluro Magazine/New Zeland, DXI/Valencia), websites ( Juxtapoz, Paintalicious, Yay! Monday! Evilmonito, Design Mils) and art galleries (Sexy Art Gallery, London, The Shiny Squirrel Gallery, NY; Little Paper Airplanes, L.A; Umber Studios, Minneapolis; 180 Gallery Cambridge, Ontario; Wannabee and DOZ Gallery Milan, Italy; Irish Art House, Tullamore and The Loft, Dublin, Ireland, Turn-Berlin, Germany)

LÜrzer's Archive included Mario Sughi in their compilation "200 best illustrators worldwide 2009”.

Mario Sughi: A new sense of emptiness

My first preoccupation is always about forms and colors. And my aim is to create balanced, elegant and clear images. They are very colourful but when they are terminated I regard them successful only if, despite the strong colors, their main quality is still a delicate one. All of them focus on people and apparently there is always a sort of narrative going on. The main feature of both the figures and narrative moving in those illustrations is a sense of lightness that at moment becomes almost emptiness, with the result that at any moment those figures (the women as well as the men) can lose entirely all their possible meanings


Distil Ennui is a collection of photographs that attempt to present the beguiling beauty of our everyday confinements, re-proposing the forgotten. Images whose essence is derived from the ordinary, displaced and the overlooked.

The work in our personal portfolios is always presented 'as shot', allowing the images to flow and connect to each other with ease and sophistication. Rather than appearing precious and overly concerned with aesthetics, they more evidently describe a life and eye made behind the camera by way of representation.

It is important to note that every environmental scene entered, spontaneous or intended is always left undisturbed, thus establishing a predominant focal point for the work.

With many of our images, subjects appear floating in a black space that neither interferes nor disrupts the subject matter. In fact the collaboration within this void offers a serene and dreamlike sensation with images broken into positive and negative spaces. Life, pleasure, pain, birth, flesh and death are ever present.

The emphasis is on seeing beyond the limitations of an individual perspective, a way of mapping the extent of the greater forces, invisible from a single human standpoint. Images that do suggest cultural and social issues do so in a way that is not forceful or aggressive, but more open to you, the viewers for interpretation.~

Past Exhibitions:-
March 2006 - The Colour Candy, a solo exhibition of large format prints. New York.
August 2004 - Tokyo By Night, a solo exhibition of large format prints. London.
August 2003 - No Logo, a solo exhibition from nineteen studio sittings from strangers pulled in from the street. New York.


TygerLily Ernst Wonch, originally from Illinois, has had a camera in her hand since elementary school. Like in her writing, photography serves as a way to express her feelings about the world around her. TygerLily's work is inspired by the simultaneous feeling of peace and loneliness in addition to the solitary pleasure captured in the people and events of everyday life. Her photography has been featured in 63 Channels Magazine and has appeared in F-Stop Magazine, Filtered Magazine, Phirebrush and Gapers Block. Her work can we found at http://tygerlilyernst.wordpress.com/.


daniele + emanuela have been shooting together for about two years now.
dandem/photo/ is their photography project.
it mainly focuses on street fashion, portraiture, editorial and conceptual photography. dandem/photo/ was born in Italy, now it's based in London (UK).

we keep it simple, that's the underlying philosophy.


Born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where he lives and works, Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist and freelance journalist. Active for many years in the international underground scene. He collaborates with many zines, magazines of contemporary art, literary and comics in Italy and worldwide.