Hen's Teeth Studios Open Day

Hen's Teeth Studios is having an open day this Sunday in Ranelagh as part of the Ranelagh Arts Festival 2006. Eoin Flynn is one of the founding members, he had a show here on the site a good while back. This is a good opportunity to visit a working studio and there will be work on show by Catherine Delaney, Colin O'Daly, Eoin Flynn, Douglas Mooney. The open day is running from 11am to 4pm on Sunday the 1st of October so if you're in Ranelagh why ...

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comments | 2006-09-27

August Show

Been so long since I posted on the site, been busy looking after our new arrival so as you can imagine with 2 running around there hasn't been much time for posting.

However having said that still managed to have a great show in August. Eric Abel is a very interesting LA based painter. He used the sites exhibition space to showcase some of his sketchbook/preparatory drawings for some of his most recent pieces. Always good to see how a painter gets to a final image. You can ...

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comments | 2006-09-19

September Show

Absolutely delighted to have some more of Tomek Sobieraj's work on the site. He is currently having a show in the Pauza Gallery in Krakow, included in that show are these pieces in the September show here on New Chemical History. His new work features the nude form again but using camera and darkroom techniques to create layered montages.

"Compositional masses which I present here is a collection of colour nudes I've made with medium format camera. Pictures are not electronically manipulated I prefer pure photography, where picture ...

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comments | 2006-09-19

Moronic article - no really

It's amazing really how something so stupid can be published, "Why CSS Bugs Me" By John C. Dvorak is quite incredible in its ignorance, I thought it was a joke! "Dvorak and CSS" By John Allsopp is a well written response.

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comments | 2006-07-21

At the Picnic, getting there

Siobhan and Charlotte, painting late stageNearly finished this painting now of Siobhan and Charlotte, bit left to do on the figures especially Charlotte but it's definitely come along a good bit from the first nights painting, I'll post the finished piece soon.

I'm planning on creating a section in the image bank on this site to house any of my painting work be handy for me to have them in one place.

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comments | 2006-07-13

Deserted Village Achill

Just finished this last week, it's a view looking south from the deserted village on Achill island, Co. Mayo.

View looking south from the deserted village, Achill island, co. Mayo

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comments | 2006-06-25