Latest show from new bit

Great new show from New Bit now up on, featuring a mental live mix from Zombie Nation very cool. If any of you lucky people are in London in mid December the Samurai Christmas party is on and it looks like it'll be pretty amazing with the after party featuring New Bit. Hmmm if only!

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comments | 2006-11-24

Dressing Up - Finished

The painting is finally finished now, took ages to complete but was painted in only 3 or 4 sessions, its really hard to get the window to sit down and paint, time is really a luxury recently.

Starting to get to grips with acrylics now after years of using oils, have to say really like using them, when you have limited space and are painting on a kitchen table in short slots of time they are ideal.

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comments | 2006-11-07

New Sony Bravia add

The first ad for the bravia was a hard act to follow but they've managed to pull off something pretty special, check it out.

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comments | 2006-10-18

New Painting

Latest bit of painting I've done is this view of Connemara, I did this as a wedding present, (congrats again guys) would have like a bit more time to work on the foreground but I ran out. I've posted a few progress shots on my Flickr account here. Painting of the Joyce Mountains Connemara

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comments | 2006-10-10

Tasty Tattoo Photoshop Brushes

Following on from his amazing past sets, Jason Gaylor releases his Tasty Tatoo brush set and they're the same high quality as the previous sets. The Fresh Foliage II set are amazing too, they all are in fact and they're free!

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comments | 2006-10-03

Latest show from New Bit

The latest show from New Bit is a must listen! Listen out for a great track played in this show, Jim River's "restore", totally amazing track.

If you've never heard the New Bit show I advise you check it out, it's sweet, I've been meaning to post about it for ages. There's a new show posted on Samurai every few weeks, each week Helen Smith plays a really cool collection of tracks and features a mix by a guest, Joey Beltram was featured a bit ...

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comments | 2006-09-27