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Cian and Erin

This is painting I did for wedding present (congrats again guys was an amazing day) a bit back. Did it as a surprise from a flickr post. Still working on another painting of Charlotte that I've posted on below taking an age to finish.

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comments | 2007-10-10

New Exhibition - Kelly burgess

Great new show of photography from Kelly Burgess. Kelly is a 21 year old photography student  at the Art Institute of Boston. Make sure and check out the new show.


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comments | 2007-09-17

Border Community Goodness

Just went on a little shopping trip to border community to pick up some goodies. You should check them out absolutely fantastic label, while there I got soopertrack by extrawelt, its just sooo good think I'm addicted to it...

Other beauties are "furry hat" by Avus, "gazebo" by fairmont and "big city" by lazy fat people. Anyway go listen they're all great tracks...

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comments | 2007-09-17


So making some progress on this one. Changed it from an evening scene to a dusk one, just need some more reference now for this. Hard to do imagined lighting without some reference which is why its looking so weird now.

Painting of Charlotte - in Progress

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comments | 2007-08-10

Lucien Freud at IMMA

Went to see the Lucien Freud show in IMMA on Sunday . Great show for any fans of his work, the shows selection is great spanning painting, drawing, photography and print. Nice to see some of his non figure work too, there is a stunning painting of foliage and plants in the basement room, incredible skill shown, also in the basement are a number of etchings which are also really worth seeing. Its in the new gallery which is separate to the main IMMA building. I like this space and it ...

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comments | 2007-08-08

TRENTEMOLLER - The Last Resort (Limited Edition)

Just got this and its killer and its just sold out on Boomkat so I'm counting myself lucky to have got it. Includes 11 singles on a bonus cd sweet!! Keep an eye out of Boomkat they 05- get more stock but in the meantime you can grab Trentemoller's "The Last Resort" which is fantastic. You've got to love Trentemoller :)

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comments | 2007-07-11