just read this on ala

Just read this article this morning on ala which is discussing the technique I just employed for my skip nav. Its mad as I wasnt sure of using the underline but Im feeling a lot better about it now. However ala goes further and shows how to employ this with styles rather than how I did it using the deprecated underline tag.
With this in mind I'm going to implement the underline using their style example which is a lot nicer way of doing things.

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comments | 2003-06-19

small change to nav

Have made a small but significant change to the nav on this site. originally the links in the navigation bar were just that links in a div. I've now made them an unordered list, with an asscociated style for li a:hover etc. It should improve the usability as you can now see what section of the site you are in. I'm not entirely happy though as this is relying on color alone, so I 05- change it again. I also added a skip nav link. Usually people ...

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comments | 2003-06-18

No new versions of IE for the mac

Microsoft announced it will not be bringing out any new versions of IE for the Mac. The company cited Apple's Safari browser in its decision.
Read the story on cnet.
Read Jeffrey Zeldman's take on it

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comments | 2003-06-16

getting to grips with wacom

The hand image above was drawn straight onto the pc using a wacom tablet whilst looking at my own hand. I would have been dubious before about results achievable drawing straight with a tablet and photoshop but Im quite pleased with the results. Im still having trouble optimising such images. They seem to fall in between gif and jpg and dont come down very well. If anyone has any thoughts on that drop me a line.

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comments | 2003-06-01

Pallas studios

In 1996 artists Mark Cullen and Brian Duggan formed Pallas Studios in Dublin's inner city.

They recently launched Pallas Heights.
"This will house international and Irish exhibitions of art which will be housed in a block of semi-derelict flats due for demolition. In partnership with Dublin City Council, Pallas Studios are opening a new studio and new gallery in the heart of Dublin's north east inner city, Sean Tracey House, Buckingham Street D1. open weekends and by appointment."

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comments | 2003-05-28

Irish Internet Asscociation to hold accessibility event

The iia is to hold an event "Achieving Website Accessibility" on the 5 June 2003 in Dublin.

Speakers include Mark Magennis from the National Council for the Blind, previously with frontend in Dublin.

Its good to see more of these events especially as its European Year of People with Disabilities

It's a bit disappointing that the iia's site has some accessibility problems itself. For instance keyboard users will get trapped in the flash movie on many pages. I've noticed happening recently with flash content that has no ...

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comments | 2003-05-20