Flashtuts+ added to the tuts+ family

There were some rumors knocking about but now its here, those nice people at tuts+ have added Flashtuts+ to the family. Since subscribing to the site, Vectortuts+, Nettuts+, AEtuts+ and PSDtuts+ I've found them a great resource. Nettuts+ and Vectortuts+ especially have been posting extremely useful articles and tutorials. Great to see Flash added to the family of sites, think tutsplus.com will be here for a long time, amazing to have the whole suite under one roof. If you use CS at all you should check out these ...

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comments | 2009-03-30

jQuery UI 1.7 lib released

jQuery just launched version 1.7 of the jQuery UI library. Just downloaded and am playing around with it, very impressive, check out the revamped ThemeRoller. Amazing stuff plus a new jQuery UI blog to go with it.

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comments | 2009-03-07

Simon Hoegsberg : We're All Gonna Die - 100 meters of existence

image capture from the 100 meters of existence
Simon Hoegsberg has a fantastic new project he has completed on his site, one that even trumps his "The Thought Project" if that's possible. The "We're All Gonna Die" project is a 100 meter long image containing 178 people shot from the same spot on a Berlin bridge over the course of a 20 day period.

"Can you love people you don't know. Have you felt your heart swelling in your chest in awe of the realization that those people over there are alive, and so are ...

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comments | 2009-02-09

Wingsuit base jumping

This is a pretty unreal video! Watch out for the road fly past unreal.
wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

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comments | 2009-01-09

Dylan Live on BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 Documentaries page has this great one hour long special of some of Dylan's best live recordings.

Featuring a fantastic rendition of like a rolling stone and the famous live version which is amazing of Maggie's Farm.

Great compilation, if you've never heard a lot of Dylan live you should definitely check it out.

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comments | 2008-11-30

Samurai.fm Berlin City Focus

Samurai.fm have a Berlin City in focus special! Looking forward to checking all of these out on the site this week.

Also NewBit has a new show up there which is the usual brilliant mix of new music and features a great mix by Paul Nazca.

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comments | 2008-11-30