BBC photo journals

Long been a fan of the photo jounals on the beeb site, this one is especialy good, make you appreciate what you have, 05-be work isnt so bad after all? How these people are living through this s**t is beyond me. Living in Baghdad

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comments | 2003-11-07

Images from Achill island

Spent last weekend on Achill island, off the west coast of Mayo, Ireland. Took a load of shots and decided to stick a few up. If you've never been to Achill I cannot recommend it enough, can't believe I'd never been before. The painter Paul Henry one of my favourites, lived and painted here for ten years and when your on the island you can see his imagery all round you.

ruined cottage on Achill

This also gives me a chance to use the new xml player I've built. This ...

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comments | 2003-11-06

Happy halloween

have a great halloween folks, I await the usual grisly accidents in tomorrows paper which will inevitably be present. Still we used to make homemade bangers in a seriously delicate operation involving needles and pliers!! Pure luck we never blew out thumbs off.

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comments | 2003-10-31

Never enough..

Disgraceful I think is the word that springs to mind. For those of you not following events in the north of Ireland the latest deal has been halted by David Trimble for no good reason. A few years ago the stopping issue was that no decommissioning was happening. With yesterdays act of decommissioning the IRA has now on 3 occasions decommissioned weapons. Now the issue isn't that no decommissioning is happening its that the unionists aren't happy they don't know the exact details of the decommissioning, even ...

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comments | 2003-10-22

ALA redesign complete

A List Apart's redesign is finished and looking good. Better navigation and clean design means finding your way around the articles and resources is easier that before. Check out the new design along with three very good articles to mark the redesign.

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comments | 2003-10-20

Amazon web service

Have added a first test run of the amazon web service to the music section of the site. It works well, you can now search amazon from this site. It also allows me to add a link to each album listed in the music section, this means you can see what other albums are available on the amazon site which is cool.

Some issues I need to sort out are the fact that if you don't press the search button and just press enter after entering a search term ...

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comments | 2003-10-20