Eoin Flynn exhibition

Eoin Flynn one of the first artists to show on this site is having a show in Cork that start on January the 6th. The show is on at the Granary Theatre in the Mardyke in Cork. The show is called "The Organic Form" and is part of the Cork Fringe Festival 2004. If you are in Cork check out the show his work's great. You can see some of Eoin's work in the exibitions section of this site.

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comments | 2004-01-04

Human rights watch

Was just checking Human rights watch site, well worth visiting regularily if your interested in whats wrong with the world. If you visit make sure to check out the photo galleries. This one is really depressing its a photo essay on the illegal West Bank Separation Barrier Israel is building.

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comments | 2003-12-18

Max Lyons site

Got sent on this link (thanks Kev!) to this incredible site. This photographer Max Lyons, is really pushing things to the limit. He's created a digital images that's 40,784 x 26,800 pixels big! Following on from this link I found panorama and stitching programs which I'm just looking at now, but they look really promising. I've been messing around in photoshop trying to stitch images but if youve tried youl know its quite hard to take certain things into account. These programs take a ...

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comments | 2003-12-03

Kid Koala vids

Just been watching the video for "basin street blues". The track is from Kid Koala's latest album "Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's" which I am eagerly waiting to recieve.

Great animation in this piece lovely visuals, and the track is super. Also was checking out another Koala vid for "fender bender", you should definitely check them out.

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comments | 2003-11-21

New images added

Michele Grimson, our first exhibitor has added two great images to her photography show, you can check them out here.

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comments | 2003-11-17

Multiple versions of ie on single PC

I'm sure this is going to spread like absoluite wildfire round the web but this clever person has worked out from microsofts beta browser IE SP1b that runs alongside your current version, how to do the same for all old versions of ie!

Amazing and it works which is even more amazing. As I write I now have ie4.01, ie5.0, ie5.5 and ie6 all running on my one machine!

Another kind soul Ryan Parman has put together .zip files of all the modified versions of the ...

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comments | 2003-11-13