Warp launch Bleep.com

Warp records have just launched bleep.com, a full download store for the warp back catalogue. This is great news for everyone, this is one of the best labels in the world showing how this needs to be done. Allowing users buy at a slightly higher price than iTunes but better quality and with none of the large label cartel Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), ripping the artists off and demanding ridiculous restrictions.

Warp has decided to do this project without putting any restrictions on what you do with ...

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comments | 2004-02-06

Zen tv tour

In conjunction woth the ninja tune launch of the ZEN TV DVD they are goign on the road to tour with it. Great line up that I imagine won't be seen again together for a long time. The tour is going to Europe and the States so if you can catch this one do...
European dates and locations of the Zen tv tour
American dates and locations of the Zen tv tour

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comments | 2004-02-05

February show up

February show is up and its a great show, close up images that I would really aspire to be able to capture some day. Amazing that they are taken with just skill and patience no special lenses at all. You should also check out Raymond's site which is a nice bit of work in itself and has a lot of interesting background on how he takes these great shots.

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comments | 2004-02-02

Hutton Inquiry - white wash?

Quite amazing that after all the weeks and months of investigation the UK government walk away unscathed, the BBC it would seem are going to carry the responsibility for Dr Kelly's death.

The facts still remain that the MOD released Dr Kelly's name to the press not the BBC. In fact the MOD told the world When Dr Kelly came forward to his bosses in the MOD to tell them he had met Mr Gilligan, they released this information to the press. At this stage they didn't ...

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comments | 2004-01-29

Resources and rss feeds

Finally got some semblance of order onto the resources page. Been doing a lot of work and learning at the same time on manipulating external rss feeds. These are great and I have used them previously on the site for the cnn and bbc feeds on this page but in the resources page I've refined the code to make adding new ones a lot easier for me. Its more for me that I've done this update to the resources page, now I can quickly scan through my essential ...

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comments | 2004-01-27

Images from China

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to go to China on a work trip. Absolutely amazing place with the most hospitable people I've ever met. I didn't get too long for taking pictures but i managed to take a few. They'll give you a taste of the place. I was in a city called Dalian to the east of Beijing. The city is on the east coast and is a large ship building city now becoming a large technology centre

View images from China

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comments | 2004-01-06