Kicking Solid Steel show

This week's solid steel show is absolutely kicking, nuf saidÖ

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comments | 2004-03-12

Web Accessibility Toolbar

If you are anyway involved in web development this is a tool you will not be without once you use this. The good people over at National Information and Library Service have devised this really excellent toolbar for internet explorer. It comes with a massive amount of tools for testing your code and site for accessibility issues. Linking to standards like bobby and the w3c validators it also allows for color testing and markup specific testing.

It's only a beta version but from the testing I've been doing ...

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comments | 2004-03-11

Ear Sugar new releases

New releases on the ear sugar label in conjunction with a new release from Schneider TM. Check out the latest releases on the earsugar site

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comments | 2004-03-09

Lynx Viewer

I've been meaning to post this link for a while now. This is a really useful site for testing.

This is a good way to see how your site holds up in terms of screenreaders and non graphical browsers. It's a great way to show up bad alt text on graphical links and where you've used nonsense alt. If you've used complicated layouts its a great way to see how they look in a linear sense and if the page is well structured.

For developers not ...

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comments | 2004-02-23


Daniel Vine has written a very clever tool/site to capture any given url as seen in the safari browser on the mac. Seems everyone else knew about this except me so I'm posting it in case you don't know either.

It's a free tool but you can donate which I intend to do as this has always been a problem for me. Usually its been a case of asking friends to check work on macs to see if there are any bad bugs. This is now ...

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comments | 2004-02-20

Red Cross statement on West Bank Barrier

The International Red Cross has released a statement condemning the West Bank barrier, specifically the fact that it is encroaching on Palestinian land and cutting people off in a no man's land.
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comments | 2004-02-19