David Lanham & Ngised updates

Antonio Carusone has just updated his site ngised, using flash its a slick portfolio site complete with new images and a real lomo feel to it.

Recently David Lanham also a contributor to this site redesigned his davidlanham.com site with a brand new design and new images and updated work, both sites are worth checking out.

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comments | 2004-04-26

Someone not getting it

I followed this link to an article from Sean Corfields's blog earlier, and like a lot of people thought that it was a joke, but alas no, David Emberton, someone I learnt a lot off in the past just isn't getting it. What I hear you ask? Well he seems to be rallying against css, xhtml and use of web standards in general.

I remember years ago first trying to come to terms with accessibility especially in relation to flash and it is hard to accept certain things ...

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comments | 2004-04-20

Old friend refound

This is a site that I had lost but now have found again, great online pictionary which is completely addictive very good for a bit of distraction in work. But what I really love is the shockwave, you dont see as much shockwave online as you used to but this is one the shows why its so good. Check out isketch.

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comments | 2004-03-31

Happy cog redesign

Happy cog have redesigned, very nice too. I'ts a bit strange to see that fixed font sizes are being used on the site, 05-be it's only temporary?

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comments | 2004-03-29

Design by fire Photoshop comp

I eagerly awaited this competition for a signed copy of photoshop CS that is until I saw the ten questions :) It seems theres a winner now which is incredible, fair play whowever got them right. Nice competition and a very clever use of moveable type, also the recent open letter to Mr Nielson on design by fire is commendable.

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comments | 2004-03-25

Orsinal shop

Was checking orsinal today to see if any new stuffs gone up there and saw that there is now a shop full of orsinal mugs, tee's all based on the beautiful artwork of the online games. Bravo orsinal, by the way if you've never had the pleasure of spending an afternoon on orsinal I suggest you check it out!

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comments | 2004-03-19