Mezzoblue redesign

Dave Shea has redesigned his Mezzoblue site. It's a nice redesign, funny you can see new trends emerging in a lot of the redesigns lately including this site, everything's getting softer again.

One very interesting thing Dave has added to the site is the way he has implemented comments. It's causing a lot of people to give out yards on his site. All a bit mad really, do people really have time to worry about such things? I've been trying to add the url to the ...

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comments | 2004-05-26

Friday urls

Digital Web has redesigned, clean n crisp.

A few links I followed to from today. Christopher Todd who just contributed to the latest issue of 28mm has an intersting photo jounal site called no fixed position. I've added his feed to the resources-feed page. From his site followed the link to Stephanie Sinclair's photography site, amazing images form Iraq and a really interesting journal from her time there, check out both sites, nice shots on both.

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comments | 2004-05-14

Solid Steel and Magnetic Radio

This week's Solid Steel show is seriously not to be missed, Strictly Kev "Live in New Zealand" excellent stuff.

Discovered Magnetic radio this week, really great station, great site, great archives, make sure and check it out, especially MISO (bottom of page) great shows in the archive.

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comments | 2004-05-07

New design

New design up now for a few days, just working through the bugs as I see them. Used icapture and there is an issue on safari with the top banner which is using the farhner image replacement technique. Make sure to check back at different times to see the time based css in the site.

Jeffrey Zeldman has also just redesigned, great the way he keeps the site fresh. has a new issue, some good stuff in it, including Caroline Moore a former contributor to this ...

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comments | 2004-05-04

Luas and the world from space

Cycling to work in Dublin this morning saw my first fleeting glimpse of a luas tram flying over the Milltown Bridge at a fair speed. Great site, I've been going under that bridge for years, always having been empty and silent. It's great to see something redundant back in use. The Irish are a cynical bunch at the best of times, its in our nature, so the LUAS has come in for a fair bit of slagging. A lot of it has been justified, for instance the way ...

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comments | 2004-04-29

Pictures of the Year International - 2004-

POYi (Pictures of the Year International) Awards 2004 have been anounced this month. You can view all the winning entries for the different categories on the site. There are some truly amaziong images on the site this year, the quality is awesome. The conflict images are especially hard just reminds you how violent it's been the last twelve months.

Check out the winning entries.

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comments | 2004-04-28