Solid Steel Presents Amon Tobin

The fourth in the solid steel series is out on the 4th of July, "Various Artists - Solid Steel Presents Amon Tobin:Recorded Live". Recorded in Melbourne sounds like its going to be a worthy successor to the others in the series, yee haw!!

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comments | 2004-06-24

Sonar 2004-

Just back from the sonar festival in Barcelona. Finally made it there after wanting to go for years and I wasnt dissapointed. If you have never been I recommend you get to it at some stage. The festival has an amazing athmosphere, sonar by day is really chilled out, you can just sit in the sun all day moving around to see different stages. Sonar by night is just vast in its scale, its like walking around an airport complete with hangers thats been turned into a club for the ...

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comments | 2004-06-24

You must listen

Probably some of the best mixing your likely to hear in a long time, this weeks Soild Steel

"This week on Solid Steel (7th to 14th) sees the long overdue debut of Strictly Kev's incredible 'Raiding the 20th Century - A History of the Cut Up'. Originally constructed for XFM's Remix Superchunk slot in Jan this year and available across the net via bootleg sites like Boom Selection (who's server it managed to crash it was so popular) It contains over 130 tracks in 40 minutes and forms ...

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comments | 2004-06-11

Way Back When

I was recently thinking that it was a pity I had'nt kept a copy of this site as it first appeared, when I stumbled back onto the way back machine site. If you've never had a go I highly recommend it, it's an archive of the whole internet which is pretty scary in its concept but that just what it is. The great thing about it is you can check out how amazon amongst others looked way back in the beginning. Very interesting to wander through well ...

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comments | 2004-06-09

Eoin Flynn new show

June crept up very quickly before you know it Mays gone. Eoin Flynn has a new show on in Dublin starting this Saturday the 5th, in Brownes Hotel, Stephen's Green. You can check out his work here in the exhibitions section or his new site is up and running where you can see more of his work. Also here's a flier of the show with full details.

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comments | 2004-06-01

Friday links

Got this link off the buzz project feed in the resources page, Joe Clark (accessibility author amongst other things) has dumped up an absolute load of his bookmarks

"Over the course of a year-long project, and because Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group members never seem to actually surf the Web, I bookmarked sites that seemed to be examples of certain topics in standards-compliant Web development and accessibility. - Joe Clark"

Some useful links here, one that has to be mentioned is among the bad sites examples, the site ...

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comments | 2004-05-28