New Image Bank

After a lot of effort I have finally gotten it together to finish the new image bank on this site. Originally the image bank was to be a database driven depository of images I took. The bank was search-able for keywords and returned the images you were looking for. In theory this was all wonderful until I realised that I was never going to have the time to keep a massive database of images up to date. In the meantime I was working on a player that would work off ...

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comments | 2004-07-23

New Bob Regan Flash White paper

Bob Regan has posted a new white paper on flash and accessibility. While some of it is covering well known ground at this stage, Bob has written detailed do's and don'ts for getting screen readers working better with flash. it's certainly answered a lot of problems and issues I have had with getting jaws to read flash correctly. The tab order section contains some good details on specific issues which I have battled with and not got anywhere with. For example if you use a piece of ...

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comments | 2004-07-21

The beautiful and the awful

The beautiful, this is simply beautiful, Quest for the Rest is a flash game to promote American group The Polyphonic Spree, it's been a while since I saw anything so charming. The artwork is really something else, thanks for the link Dave.

If you are in Galway over the next while, 12th to the 25th, try to catch Jimmy Lawlor's new show in Eyre Square, I do like his work, you can check out the pieces from the new show at

The awful, new report "Exploitation ...

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comments | 2004-07-15


Spent yesterday in London at an excellent accessibility seminar run by and Very good seminar especially to hear the Disability Discrimination Act explained by a law expert, well worth the trip for that. Section 508 goes a long way in the states to protecting the employees of federal agencies but the DDa is better in that it relates to services provided by private companies. The accessibility session was a great overview of the main issues facing developers without going into too much detail. I feel ...

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comments | 2004-07-07

Photoshop's beginnings

Really interesting piece on the origins of photoshop. Its amazing what can come from a germ of an idea, something that someone persues out of a need and then grows into something indespensible to the whole design world. I had never read about the origins before a well worth read especially to any developers with a germ out there. Thanks for the link Eamon.

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comments | 2004-07-01

Firefox 0.9.1 released

The excellent Mozilla firefox browser has just had a new release. If you haven't used it before its a great browser, proper support of standards, css and no nasty security holes like Internet Explorer. If you are a PC user you are at present taking a big risk continuing to use Internet Explorer. The Register today reports on another security hole in IE being taken advantage of by hackers.

Download firefox here

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comments | 2004-06-30