New photoset added to imagebank

Haven't posted for a while, been in the Scottish isles for two amazing weeks, Isle of Arran, Mull, and Skye, really cool places, even saw a golden eagle on Mull in the wild which was amazing. As you can imagine took loads of pics so am trying to sort through at present. Also broke my Nikon on the trip by leaving it on top of my car while driving off very clever.

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comments | 2004-09-17

Friday browsing

Seeing as it's Friday why not check out some great photography sites, both of these I got from the no fixed position feed which is always worth checking out. First up is Baldomero Fernandez some amazing images from Cuba, Japan exciting images, make you want to travel and shoot stuff. Second is Jeanne Hilary also has some great travel shots, check out the india gallery.

The new cover is a green bug (that is their official name as far as I know) on my tomato plants this morning. Very ...

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comments | 2004-09-16

The world is a farce

Having now reached new depths of cynical electioneering Bush looks set to hijak the olympic games for his own needs. He would like to use the Iraqi football team as piece in his election campaign, I'd laugh if it wasnt so sad and cheap. Report in the gaurdian.

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comments | 2004-08-23

ALA new issue

New issue of A List Apart is out including an article on writing better invoices.

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comments | 2004-08-10

How not to solve a problem

Have a read of this forum thread over at Wacom Europe, it's kinda scary, isnt the customer always right. Would not like to be having this kind of difficulty with a tablet. All the solutions are over a lot of users heads, not to mention the support staff getting snottyƖ

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comments | 2004-08-06

Good stopdesign article

Excellent article over at stopdesign about a recent presentation he gave at Digital Design World in Seattle where he converted Microsoft's site to tableless css based layout. Especially good is the table outlining the difference in filesize, images used etc, very good stats for anyone in doubt over the rreasons for doing this. Sometimes money it the only thing that will make people change their minds. Read article.

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comments | 2004-07-28