The sheer beauty of Orsinal

Can't remember if I've ever posted about Orsinal before, I'm sure I must have at some stage or other. I think Orsinal has some of the most beautiful content on the internet today. It's been going for a long time and not having been there for a while I checked it out today. As always I wasnt dissapointed, played a game that has such amazing art in it I was compelled to tell you all. Move the ballon with your windmill and collect the flowers, the ...

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comments | 2004-11-05

Web accessibility toolbar gets updated

Heads up folks the excellent web accessibility toolbar from the good people over at National Information and Library Service has been updated. I've been meaning to post on this for ages but kept forgetting. I highly recommend downloading it if you are any way serious about ensuring your develpment work is accessible.

Most noteworthy addition in this release is the page zoom feature. This is a great feature that zooms up the whole page and not just text. Users of large text features in browsers should check out the ...

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comments | 2004-10-26

Give up that seat - Visual Google

Very annoyed with the Irish public at the moment. My wife is over 6 months pregnant and is taking the bus to work in the mornings. No one will give up their seat for her, instead people just stare at her. When she told me I was really shocked but apparently this is the norm now in Dublin. I guess it's just symtematic of Ireland right now, it's sad.

Followed this link from the k10k, this is a pretty amazing java app that gives you a visual graphing ...

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comments | 2004-10-22

Last ever issue of 28mm

It is with real sadness that I read on the 28mm site that the current issue is also going to be the last. The site is one of my favourites and each issue has always kept the amazing quality. If you've never seen the site or havent been for a while check out the last issueƖ

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comments | 2004-10-07

Take a bow Hans Blix

It's nice to see people vindicated even if it is after the fact. The report just out by the Iraq Survey Group has now surely proven for the last time that Iraq was no threat to the world and the current mess can no longer be justified. Hans Blix and his team were not allowed to continue their work. They would have found this same result eventually. Instead they were told to leave so the bombing could start. No one is in any disagreement that Sadaam Hussein was a ...

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comments | 2004-10-07

New Show Naoto Hattori

Great start ot the new month with a blinder of a show from Naoto Hattori, his work is amazing and will put you in mind of plenty, Bosch, Dali's drawings but all with a unique twist.

I read about jpg magazine on Netdiver, check out the site, quite cool and I'm definitely going to try and submit something to them.
"JPG Magazine is for people who love imagemaking without attitude. It's about the kind of photography you get when you love the moment more than the camera ...

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comments | 2004-10-01