Feeds 4 Phones released

It gives me great pleasure to be able to finally release Feeds 4 Phones, New Chemical History's RSS aggregator that allows users to create and maintain their own list of RSS favorites and then view them on their phones. I originally built the application for myself so I could read my favorite RSS feeds on the move using my phone and then decided others could benefit.

Feeds 4 Phones allows a registered user to create a list of their favorite RSS feeds. The user can then access their list ...

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comments | 2005-04-04

Netdiver Best of the Year 2004-

What better way to start your creative new year than dip into the Netdiver Best of 2004 list, some amazing stuff in the list. Inspiring stuff as always from Netdiver.

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comments | 2005-01-10

Mad Man Web - Good round up writings from tsunami region

Mad Man web's first blog mela of 2005 is as you would expect full of writings about the tsunami. This gives a real insight from India to the devastation and feelings there.

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comments | 2005-01-07

Asimo runs

Probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time is the robot Asimo running. Granted its only at 3km per hour but its still a sight to behold. Just achieving the balancing alone is staggering feat, amazing stuff

If you check out the latest Asimo videos at Honda, released the other day you can see how far they've come with this. Especially mad to watch is the intellegence of the robot, there is a video where a person shakes hands with it then pulls the robot and ...

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comments | 2004-12-16

Self Stock from Madrid

It's wierd I was adding a link for this site the other day, a beautifully designed and coded photography site self stock from Madrid, which now is a city trying to come to terms with a massacre on a scale not seen in Europe since Lockerbey, how depressing in the year 2004 the species of homo sapiens are still intent on murdering each other in the name of what?

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comments | 2004-12-03

NetDiver adds rss feed

NetDiver that always inspiring pot of goodies has added an rss feed. I have added the feed to the resources page on this site in the design section. I am hoping to add rss feeds for NewChemicalHIstory soon just working out which sections warrant it.

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comments | 2004-11-17