Feeds 4 Phones v2 - August show

Delighted to have version 2 of Feeds 4 Phones released. Atom feed support has been added to this release so now all feeds should be supported. This means you can now subscribe to a whole lot more feeds including Blogger.com and Google's feeds. A word of thanks to Roger Benningfield for his RSS/Atom Normalization 1.0 cfc which I am utilising in version 2.

Actually early with a show for once, August sees a great collection of work from JP Rosa. Illustrative in style JP shows great ...

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comments | 2005-07-29

Google Moon

Very cute! If you haven't tried selecting the current google moon logo and seeing google's tribute to the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing in 1969 then check it out. Also try zooming in all the way har har....

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comments | 2005-07-20

Google maps API, Flash 8

If you've been enjoying using Google maps recently and are a developer chances are you'll be looking at the Google maps API. Released by Google at the end of June the API is only a beta, but I can see it killing off the need to create time consuming interactive maps for sites, which is good news for the developer.

Flash 8 beta player was also released this week. The release is aimed at testing version 8 of the player is backward compatible. So if you are a ...

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comments | 2005-07-13

June show part 2

Delighted to have Tomasz Sobieraj back for a second follow on show in June. The new show is a photo essay The Colossal mug of the city which is a powerful series of images. This is the first time New Chemical History has had two shows in one month and Im hoping this will become the norm eventually.

Feeds 4 Phones is going strong users are beginning to resgister in larger numbers so hopefully people are finding the application useful. I am eager to hear feedback on how it performs ...

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comments | 2005-06-21

Macromedia and Adobe to merge

Just heard this news can't believe it, thats one huge merger with exciting possibilites for their respective products, I wonder what it will mean for flash and coldfusion. Its intersting that Adobe's site is leading with the headline "Adobe to acquire Macromedia", while Macromedia's site is leading with "Macromedia and Adobe to join forces".

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comments | 2005-04-18

Web Developer extension for Firefox

Chris Pederick has developed an excellent web developer toolbar extension for Firefox. This is something I've been hoping someone would build for Firefox. It has a lot of the functionality and more of the web accessibility toolbar that was built by the National Information and Library Service. I find the web accessibility toolbar indispensible now so its great to have a similar toolset for Firefox.

You can download the extension here and donate to Chris here its a worthy cause as these are great toolsets for developers.

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comments | 2005-04-16