WebAIM CD-ROM Excerpts

I was reading a couple of the excerpts from the Web AIM Guide to Web Accessibility CD ROM a couple of days ago and had a read of the "Skip Navigation links" article. I've read a few over the years, Jim Thatcher wrote a good one a while back. This one is really worth a read it clears up many misconceptions about skip navigation links. I especially agree with the conclusion that invisible gif skip nav links are pretty useless to motor impaired users who need these links even ...

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comments | 2005-11-09

360 panning, Thought Project, Irish Design For All site,

I saw this photography technique in a documentary about a year ago but cant remember the name for it. It is used here to amazing effect in this IKEA site. The site moves you 360 degrees around frozen scenes in various rooms in a house. Imaginative and quite extraordinary, every now and then you see something on the web can still surprise and delight.

The Thought Project by Simon Hogsberg - "Over a period of Three months I stopped 150 strangers and asked them what they were thinking about the second ...

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comments | 2005-10-23

BOC - The Campfire Headphase Released

BOARDS OF CANADA - The Campfire Headphase is finally released, been a long wait for it so looking forward to hearing it in its entirity. There's a review here on Boomkat.

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comments | 2005-10-14

Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase

If you're dying to hear some of the new Boards of Canada album and just cant wait, 2 tracks were played on the wire show, found this on the ninja forums always a good spot to find stuff like this. Check out the post and there's links to the archived show.

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comments | 2005-09-07

Mixmaster Morris Live, Luke Vibert at Sonar

Listen to the wonderful Mixmaster Morris, recorded live at the Full Moon Festival in Germany on July 05. The excellent Samurai.fm has the set for your pleasure, while you're there check out the amazing stuff on offer, brilliant site.

Samurai also has some great recordings from Sonar 2005, check out Mr Vibert's set.

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comments | 2005-09-07

Bits and Pieces

Some great news from Boards of Canada, their new album Campfire Headphase will be released on 17th October 2005, can't wait.

Coldcut's new album also looks like its finally on the way

Banksy on holidays at the illegal wall. Check out his latest treasure hunt

If you're looking for a good exhibition in Dublin check out the excellent Offside exhibition running at the Hugh Lane gallery until 30th of September. The show is being run by Pallas Studios in collaboration with the Hugh Lane. The show is ...

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comments | 2005-08-16