Mark Griffin photo, Netdiver Best of the Year

Just completed my latest freelance project. Mark Griffin is one of my oldest clients and his site needed a complete rebuild from the ground up. I'm especially happy with the flash based portfolio section in this project. The grid of thumbnails randomises on each visit so the site always stays fresh. You can check out the new site here

This project is also the first where I have employed Geoff Stearns' FlashObject: Javascript Flash detection and embed script. There have been many different methods written for ...

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comments | 2006-02-16

Ulrich Schnauss to play Sugar Club

This is a gig not to miss, Ulrich Schnauss is again playing the Sugar Club in Dublin on the 1st April. I saw him play there last time and he was amazing really brilliant. (fb thanks for the tip)

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comments | 2006-02-10

This man has a million viewers on his evening tv show

Pat Robertson the Republican US religious broadcaster is at it again. You 05- remember this is the loony who a while back was calling for Chavez to be assassinated by US special forces. He is now saying that Sharon's stroke is punishment by God for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip. Scary to think that this person has a following.

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comments | 2006-01-06

Raiding the 20th Century - Redux by Strictly Kev

I originally posted on Strictly Kev's now famous "Raiding the 20th Century - A History of the Cut Up" in June 2004, when they were playing parts on Solid Steel, now he's back and he's created a new definitive version. If you check out this weeks Solid Steel show you can hear parts of an interview with the man himself which is really interesting listening.

You can download "Raiding the 20th Century" here on Musical Bear which as a side note is a great site. Totally amazing

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comments | 2006-01-05

Recent good stuff

Saw this on Drawn a while back and been meaning to post it here, great collection of childrens books with covers and some inside pages scanned . Cant remember If I got this one either from Drawn or from Veer, anyway cool collection of Circus posters, and last but not least an amazing database of book covers for some inspiration(Drawn?).

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comments | 2005-12-21

Macromedia site gets Adobe make over

The Adobe acquisition of Macromedia seems like it was ages ago so I had kind of forgotten about it, but I notice today on the Macromedia site the re branding has begun. I quite like the white (Adobe) to dark blue grey (Macromedia) gradient background they have added to the site, it runs top to bottom so I presume this is a metaphor for change. It's weird to see the Adobe logo at the top of having visited on a regular basis for years, hope the good ...

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comments | 2005-12-05