New Work part 2

I posted an early version of this painting a couple of weeks ago and promised to post when finished, so here it is. This is a view from the road through the Joyce mountains in Connemara.

Connemara landscape

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comments | 2006-05-30


Painting of Charlotte

Just finished this painting of my daughter Charlotte, pretty happy with it, lot of catching up to do! Using Acrylics after so many years of oils is wierd but not in a bad way. They force a different pace of working which suits me better I think, they can be less forgiving though, you have a lot less time to work into areas than with oils, that is something I have to get used to.

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comments | 2006-05-28

New Work

the various stages of the painting

After a long break from painting finally got back to the canvas, feels great to be back painting after so long just drawing and keeping sketchbooks. Did a painting of Charlotte the other day which I'll post when finished, but currently working on this landscape based on shots taken in the West last September. As you can see its a work in progress, I'll post when its finished.

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comments | 2006-05-16

Steinski and Coldcut

Some cool new shows by Steinski and some great coldcut links that have been doing the rounds

Steinski show on Samurai and Solidsteel, not sure if these are the same they seem very similar, very good anyway

Some recent links for good Coldcut stuff, the Miami gig seems to be a full recording of the gig which is cool

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comments | 2006-05-04

Google Calendars on your mobile device using Feeds 4 phones

Like many I've been checking out Googles new Calendar service over the last few weeks, and its pretty slick. But best of all you can get your calendars as an atom feed, great news for anyone wanting to access their calendar on their mobile device using Feeds 4 Phones. I've tested this out and it works great, you simply need to add a feed when you are logged into Feeds 4 phones and enter the url from Google calendars.

This is what one of my Google Calendars looks ...

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comments | 2006-05-03

FlashObject renamed to SWFObject

Was just reading on this on Todd Domineys site, apparently the latest security patch for ie is allready making pages using classic flash embed throw up the new secirity dialog IE7 will have. This is the dialogue box you must ok to view any embedded active X content as a result of the Eolas patent row. Means we all have less time than we thought to fix those sites! And the excellent FlashObject has had to be renamed by its author Geoff Stearns to SWFObject due to the Adobe legal ...

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comments | 2006-04-26