Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco

I followed a link from k10k to Magnum in Motion which is a pretty amazing collection of photographic essays by Magnum photographers. The essays are self running, with the photographer talking through each image explaining the stories, some really amazing work here.

The one that really affected me was "Chernobyl Legacy" by Paul Fusco. This is a really powerful set of images, and a powerful narrative by the photographer. So many lives and generations were ruined by the disaster, most whom have been forgotten by the world. Its a really ...

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comments | 2006-06-22

A Taste of Sonar!

Can't believe its Sonar time again already! Really good line up this year as always, pretty jealous of anyone going this weekend. If you're wondering what the festival is like you should definitely check out the 2 best releases from Sonar Music.

Miss Kitten live at Sonar was recorded at the event last year in 2005 at Sonar by Day, and is totally amazing, really captures the atmosphere of Sonar you can almost feel the evening sun, Miss Kitten is pretty amazing, I'd say it was a ...

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comments | 2006-06-16

At the Picnic

Siobhan and Charlotte, painting early stagesJust started this the other day, nice shot of Siobhan and Charlotte, Mum and daughter at a picnic, will post up when finished.

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comments | 2006-06-09

Process Recess and others

This is a site I've been visiting every other day, and I've been meaning to do a post on it for ages and ages. Process Recess is the home of artist James Jean and is a seriously addictive site! The thing I love the most about his site is the stages of his work he posts up, really interesting to see how he builds up his images. Also he is just a brilliant artist so you cant go wrong really! Anyway if you havent checked out www.processrecess ...

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comments | 2006-06-08

Deadline on WCAG 2.0 Last Call Review Extended

The deadline for submitting comments on the Last Call Working Draft of the WCAG 2.0 has now been extended until the end of June which seems to make a lot of sense. The earlier date of the end of May gave the community a month to get their comments in on this near final drafting of the new guidelines.

There was a lot of posts about the WCAG 2.0 at the beginning of this month, due to the period of comment beginning. Joe Clark's article on a ...

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comments | 2006-05-31

Your Flickr account feed in Feeds 4 Phones

If you have a flickr account you can easily add your feed to Feeds 4 Phones and then access your photostream on your mobile. Just copy the link that is at the bottom of your flickr page and use that as the url for the feed. You can then easily retrieve your images to your mobile.

I know Flickr already has an excellent mobile version of the site but it is nice to have all your feeds in one place.

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comments | 2006-05-31