Sars ban for teams heading to Ireland

Our esteemed Health minister Michael Martin announced last night that Special Olympic teams from sars effected countries would be banned from traveling to Ireland to take part in the games.

The countries not now allowed to travel are China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines. It seems a strange decision to say the least as the WHO have stated that the decision goes against their guidelines.

As usual I imagine it comes down to money and the minister's aversion to spending any. Teams from these countries would have ...

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comments | 2003-05-08

Finally up!

Welcome all to new chemical its been a lot of work but its finally up. take a look around see the exhibition by Michelle Grimson, more to come over the coming weeks and months. If anyone sees any wierd css stuff going on please dont hesitate to report the bug. This site is a work in progress over the next few weeks Ill be ironing out any css bugs that people see in different browsers etc. Michelle big thanks for being the first to exhibit!

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comments | 2003-05-01

Good css list article

A list apart have an excellent article on css and lists. The article goes through comprehensive ways of using css for any list you 05- need.

The article goes through techniques to replace bloated image changing methods with css. Really well put together by Mark Newhouse and well worth the time to read.
read ala article

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Photoshop Express

Adobe last week launched Photoshop Express which looks live a very cool addition to the on-demand image editing apps currently out there. Great to see Adobe launching some free on line suites.

However I can't seem to sign up. First day I went I got tot the reg page but fell off due to time, ever since can't seem to get anything on the join up page. Its like they've closed sign up for some reason.

Be interesting to see how this trend continues, Picknic were the ...

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Michele Grimson the first artist to show on this site has launched her website The portfolio site features her painting, illustration and photography work to date. Clean crisp design with text with each painting to give context to the work. Make sure you drop by the site for a look

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