About New Chemical History

New Chemical History first went live in May 2003. The aim at the time was to provide artists and photographers with a decent online space to show their work in the form of regular exhibitions. This is still the core aim of New Chemical History to enable artists to have an online exhibition easily and to have that exhibition live here and never be removed.

If you are interested in having an exhibition please fill out the submissions form..

I'm a web developer by profession, an artist in my free time: passions are painting and photography.

The site has gone through many changes over the years, this incarnation is the 5th since 2003. Its interesting now to look back at the different versions, you can see the progress of the site on the way back machine.

Under the hood

New Chemical History is built using Django the fantastic Python web framework. The site also makes use of the amazing bootstrap by Twitter and html5 boilerplate by Paul Irish and Divya Manian.