New site launched. New Exhibition from Caroline Keî

Posted: 2011-01-16

At last I can post this small update on the site. I have been working away for the last few months on this rebuild and redesign of It has been a large undertaking for as well as re designing the site I moved to Python and Django. The site was previously on coldfusion but I've been wanting to move to Python and Django for a while now. I also decided to move it to html 5 at the same time. So a lot to learn and investigate as well as the standard re design headaches that go hand in hand with doing a large site update. This now give me a great base to move this site on a bit and start scaling it up.

This is the 5th redesign and the largest change to the back-end as its been rebuilt from scratch. As is the tradition I've always likes to re open a new version with a show. The latest Exhibition that just went live is from Caroline Keî a photographer that creates beautiful dreamscape imagery.