Natural History Museum reopens in Dublin

Posted: 2010-05-06

The Natural History Museum in Dublin has finally reopened it's doors after a three year closure following an accident with a stairs. One of my favourite spots in the city it's an amazing place. I spent a long time here while an art student drawing and have a real love of the place. Went in at the weekend, first weekend after the reopening and there was a massive crowd in the place.

A new experience that, as its usually a quiet oasis in town where you can wander in peace for an hour or two. The top two floors, the balcony floors, are still closed as there's no fire escapes (I believe that's the reason) so hopefully these two floors will reopen soon.

If you've never been, what can I say, go, wander, enjoy and pay particular attention to the handwritten notes on the exhibits. These are a fantastic glimpse into the past and well worth examining. Of course nowadays it seems wrong to think of all these animals that were shot and stuffed, but as a history of that time this collection is invaluable and a real treasure.

The building itself is also beautiful, built in the mid nineteenth century, it feels like it can't have changed that much since 1857. Anyway enough rambling, if you haven't been, take a bit of time, pick a weekday (early if you can) and really enjoy it.

Duckling from the Barrington Collection in the Dublin Natural History Museum